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UIDAI Photos and Andhra Pradesh Pensioners Data available
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APSRDH is a Unique Centralized Citizen Database for State Resident Data .

APSRDH Framework provides unique solution for all Departments of AP.

APSRDH Framework provides Data Collection Interface through Offline & Online.

APSRDH facilitates converting data to e-Governance Standards.

APSRDH Inorganic Matching Approach speed up the seeding process and will eliminates the Data Entry Mistakes.

APSRDH Framework provides interface to seed the department data with UID/EID/Ration Card Number.

Seeding & Verification Progress Reports have included in district and mandal level.

Mobile Seeding, LPG Seeding & Mee Seva Seeding can be done through Web Services.

APSRDH allows Departments to eliminates Ineligible,Duplicate & Non-Existence Matches.

APSRDH provides Seeding the records through Demographic Matching.

APSRDH Framework having Demographic Verification & Biometric Authentication Service through Online.

2.9 lakhs Cancelled UID's are available in APSRDH.

Data Sync Service sharing the data between departments and APSRDH through Online and Offline.

Know Your AADHAAR Service is available based on Pincode ,EID/UID to know the AADHAAR status.

Name Matching functionality is provided to Seed the Left Out Matches(<50% Name Matches).

Data Reports (Seeded,Authentication, Fraudulent,etc) can be downloaded in excel format through online and offline mode.

User Access Functionality is available for different user levels.

Total 17 Departments are on board with APSRDH,10 Departments are using APSRDH through On-line and other 7 Departments are using through Off-line mode.

7.48 Crores of AADHAAR data is available with APSRDH.

7.78 Crores of photos are available in APSRDH , in that 3.08 lakhs of incremental photos are updated on 20/03/2014.

Rejected EID reports are available for district and mandal level.

Name Search functionality is provided in View Users.

APSRDH has integrated new biometric device Kedia SecuGen. User manual and device drivers are included in services tab.




State Resident Data Hub (SRDH) is an Integrated Framework which provides unique centralized citizen database for citizens. It acts as a single source of truth for resident’s information. SRDH integrates all the departmental databases and links them with AADHAAR Number.

Data Management

APSRDH Framework includes Intelligent Purification Engine which cleanses the departmental databases. It Identifies probable fraudulent records and clean the databases and make them AADHAAR Enabler.


APSRDH Framework provides online citizen verification and validation services using demographic verification and biometric Authentication to the departments as part of beneficiary selection and service delivery. It facilitates departments to implement welfare schemes more efficiently and effectively.

Visualization Dashboard

APSRDH Portal is a gateway to provide citizen demographic information (KYR) for citizens. It acts as a single source of truth for providing citizen information for the end users.

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